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Title: Finding Adam Larabee
Author: Bernadette
Rating: PG
Warnings: Bad writing ahead! But it's improving - a lot :)
Fandom: The Magnificent Seven
AU: Missing Persons
Genre: Hurt/Comfort
Summary: Ezra Standish has been using his psychic abilities to find the missing, but he can't do it alone anymore. After seeking the help of the 'Missing Persons' unit, he may just end up finding Chris Larabee's missing son.
Main Characters: Ezra, the rest of the seven
Disclaimers: The guys are owned by CBS, MGM, Trilogy Entertainment Group, and The Mirisch Corp.
Beta: Not betaed
Notes: I snagged the idea of a Psychic Ezra from the movie '13 Ghosts' which I absolutely love!
Spoilers: None.
Word Count: 15,242

Part Three

When they arrived back at the office, they found that Dunne was already searching through law enforcement information databases to find Ella Gains. Wilmington and Tanner joined him. Larabee sat and waited. Sanchez and Jackson fussed over Standish.

'Will you two gentlemen please leave me alone? I am perfectly fine now that I've had my pills . . . well not perfectly . . . I'm tired, I still have a bit of a headache but that is nothing that you can help me with so please leave me alone.'

Larabee stood up. Sitting wasn't working so he began to pace in front of Standish. 'They're not going to leave you alone until they think you're fine.'

'Aw hell!' Standish quickly stood up.

'What?' Sanchez gripped one of Standish's arms thinking that something was seriously wrong.

'My car.'

'Your car?' Jackson stared at him. 'With all this you're worried about your car?

Standish sat down again and shrugged. 'I wasn't, I didn't really care about it but if my mother finds out I've lost it she'll kill me.'

'We got your car last night remember, anyway what does your mother have to do with your car?' Larabee needed a distraction and this was as good as any he could think of.

'No I don't remember', he slapped his hand against the side of his head. 'She gave it to me.' Standish explained, 'it was either the car or spending a month with her in London and I sure as hell wasn't going to do that.'

'She bribed you.'

'Yes . . . she can hold the car over me but only when she can find me which seems to be three or four times a year.'

'You don't get on with your mother?'

Standish looked up at Larabee and his mouth fell open.

'What?' Larabee asked him.

'That's the second time I've openly talked about myself in the last twenty-four hours. I've really must stop doing that, it's not my thing.'

'Ezra,' Sanchez started.

'Got it!' Wilmington yelled out.

'Already,' Dunne asked, 'it's only been forty minutes.'

'FBI . . . she's got a record and I've got a last known address.' He showed them the print out with Gains's arrest record and photo.

'Just like that,' Standish was shaking his head, 'if I'd come to you guys sooner than less people might have died.'

'If you came to me sooner I would have my son with me now.'

'Chris,' Sanchez shook his head at him.

Larabee took a deep breath. 'I'm sorry, I shouldn't have said that.' He took a second deep breath to try to calm himself but it didn't really work, how could it. 'Okay let's go.'

'Just a minute.' Sanchez stood in front of Larabee. 'Chris, we need to do this calmly and right out of the book. She might not have him with her and if she gets away, we won't be able to find her again. We'll send in someone else first then we go in once we know she's there and secure.'

'Like I said Josiah, let's go.'

Standish stood up and began to follow them.

'Where do you think you're going?' Wilmington asked him.

'With you.'

'No you’re not. You could mess things up.'

'I don't mess things up, Mr. Wilmington.' He then thought of Delta. 'But then again you're right.'

'No, he's not,' said Larabee, 'Buck, he's part of the team now. He's coming with us, even if he stays in the car.'

'Mr. Wilmington,' Standish gripped Wilmington's shoulder. 'If you don't mind I would like my gun back.'

Wilmington looked at Larabee who nodded back at him. 'Fine but if you shoot yourself in the foot don't come crying to me.'

'Oh if I shoot anyone's foot it will be yours.'


Larabee drove the van while Wilmington sat in the passenger seat beside him. The others were in the back of the van preparing for the operation. They had to treat it like any other but both men were extremely anxious and ready to explode.

'How do you know he isn't in on it?'

'I don't.' Larabee answered him

'I want to-'

'You want to what? Believe him. Believe that by just by looking at a photo he can tell you where a person is, or who killed them.'

'It would make it a lot easier for everyone.'

'Have you looked at his eyes?'

'What?' Wilmington looked sideways at his friend.

'Have you looked at his eyes?'

'Not really, why?'

'You should. A man's eyes can tell you a lot. What I see makes me want to believe him. I almost do but it just doesn't seem real that a man can do that.'

The light up ahead turned red but Larabee didn't stop. He went through it ignoring the cars that had to skid to a stop to prevent hitting him. Wilmington cursed beside him but he ignored him as well.

'We need to get there in one piece, Chris.'

'I just want to get there yesterday.'

'I know . . . I know,' said Wilmington.


Standish couldn't believe what he was seeing. Tanner and Dunne were changing their clothes in the back of the van. It wasn't that that caused him to stare in shock. It was what they were changing into: black shoes, black pants, white short-sleeved shirts and black ties. They were becoming Mormons. All they needed were bicycles.

'Do you think dressing up as a moron will actually work?' Standish asked them as he bounced off the side of the van.

'Mormon.' Tanner corrected with a smile on his face.

'I know what I said, Mr. Tanner,' Standish smiled back at him, 'and I meant what I said.'

'Hey!' Dunne snapped then saw the smile on the man's face. 'Oh, okay but if you want to make the jokes you make them at Chris . . . he can take a good joke . . . likes them actually.'

'Really?' Standish knew he was lying. The kid didn't have a poker face. 'I'll try to remember that next time I want to be bitch slapped.'

Sanchez broke into a laugh and said, 'you son, are going to fit right in.'

'First of all, I'm not your son and I don't fit in anywhere.'

'You'll fit in here, you already do whether you acknowledge it or not.'

All five men fell to the floor in a heap when the van skidded to a halt. A jumble of arms and legs fought to get off each other.

'If this is what you mean by fitting in, Mr. Sanchez I do not swing that way.'

'Pity Ezra,' Tanner managed to get to his feet first and reached down to help Standish up, 'cause you look kinda cute when your hair is all messed up like that.'

'Mr. Tanner, cute is not the word that describes me, quite handsome is what the ladies say.' Standish accepted the hand and was pulled to his feet. He found himself a little too close to the Texan and swallowed his fear.

'Don't worry Ezra, we don't swing that way either or though we've thought about it, I mean we're all kinda cute don't you think.'

'If you're asking me as a man I say no, if you're asking me as a woman I still say no,' Standish pulled at his jacket, 'besides you all seem to be a bunch of hooligans.'

'You hit the nail on the head there, Ezra,' Sanchez was still smiling.

A fist slamming against the van's doors shut them all up. It was time to get the job done.


Tanner and Dunne opened the doors, jumped out of the van then shut the doors again. Tanner looked around and saw they were in a suburban area. The streets were clean, the houses large and the gardens full of plants and flowers. He himself had lived on the streets most of his teenage life so he wasn't use to this type of area. Even now, he lived in one of the worst areas of town, it was his comfort zone. He wouldn't be able to sleep well in a quite neighborhood.

'You guys ready?' It was Wilmington who had banged on the doors; Larabee had stayed in the driver's seat.

'Ready as we'll ever be.' Dunne nodded.

'Turn your mikes on and get going.'

The two men began to walk away.

'Vin, JD . . . don't lose her.'

'She'll be there and we won't lose her. Now get back in the van before you give us away.'

Wilmington grimaced then walked back to the passenger side of the van and got in.

'How can you be sure she'll be there?' Dunne asked Tanner as they made their way to 14 Huskins Drive; the last known address of Ella Gains.

'Because she has to be there. Standish wouldn't just show up and give us all of this information for us to lose her and Adam. She has to be there. Besides Chris will lose it again if she isn't.'

It only took them a few minutes to reach the house. A red Mercedes was parked in the driveway; somebody was home.

'Car in the drive.' Tanner was speaking to the men waiting in the van. 'Red Mercedes, license plate DYC 285.'

'Got it,' replied Jackson. 'Running a check now.'

'Ready JD?'

'Do it.'

They walked up the pathway that was lined with blue daisies and stepped up to the front door. Dunne opened the screen door while Tanner knocked on the window. Both men then stepped back. Their right hands hung down by their sides while their left hands held a bible.

Tanner could feel the sweat beginning to form on his forehead. Questions were running through his mind. Did she still live here? Was Adam somewhere in this house? If he were, would they be able to get to him before someone hurt him? If he weren't here would they be able to get Gains to tell them where he was? Too many questions and only a short amount of time before they started getting answers.

He saw movement in the window next to the door and plastered a smile on his face. He was told on more than one occasion that he had the smile of an Angel with the eyes to match and he hoped that he looked like one now.

There was a click as the door was unlocked.

'Here we go.'

The door opened to reveal a woman in her late thirties with long dark hair framing her face. It was her. The same eyes, the same mouth. The only thing about her that had changed was the age lines around her eyes and her mouth. Tanner didn't hesitate and he was glad to see that Dunne didn't either. They pulled their guns from the bibles they were hidden in and aimed them directly at her. The books dropped to the ground where they were forgotten.

'Ella Gains! Are you Ella Gains?' Vin yelled at her.

The woman before them stood still, shock showed on her face, her eyes moving swiftly to try to look at both men at the same time.

'Yes . . . what is this about?'

'Got her.' But he didn't need to tell them. As soon as she answered him, all five men had left the van and were now running towards the house. Four of them with their guns drawn. 'It's about Sarah and Adam Larabee.'

'I don't know who they are and I want to know who you are.' When she didn't receive, an answer she stepped back into the house and tried to slam the door shut but Vin was too quick for her. They followed her in.

'JD, start checking the house.'

'On it.'

'Sit.' Tanner ordered Gains. When she sat down, he cuffed her to the chair then joined Dunne to check the rest of the rooms.


Larabee ran into the house with the others following him. He stopped when he saw the woman who had taken his son. To his surprise, he stayed calm and rational. Professionally he knew that becoming angry, even violent would not help him find his son. He turned away from her and nodded to his men to help with the search. He then eyed Standish and nodded at him. Standish returned the nod and sat down in one of the other chairs to wait.

Ignoring Ella Gains, Larabee began to walk around the room. He looked at everything. Furniture, photos, books, even the walls. Anything that might give him an idea of where Adam could be. He knew she was watching him but he wanted her to wait so he could make the first move, he needed to make the first move because he had spent two years searching for his wife's killer and his son's kidnapper. He had to be the one in control, not her.

'Clear,' said Vin.

Larabee turned to look at him. 'You checked everywhere, everything.'

'Checked everywhere, all the rooms. We're still checking everything.'

Larabee stood where he was but turned his head to stare at Gains. She hadn't changed much, only in years. She was still beautiful but he knew that underneath that sincere beauty she could change instantly to an ugliness that would rip out a person's heart without hesitation or remorse. His wife's death proved that to him.

'Where is my son?'

'Do I know you?' The small smile that played at her lips betrayed her inner thoughts. She had recognized him the moment he walked into the room. She had known his men when she had seen them at her front door.

He had wanted to kill her with his bare hands, wanted to rip the flesh from her bones. This person that was now in the same room with him had taken his son; Standish had told him so. His eyes briefly shifted to Standish when for a split second he wanted to think that this person was innocent: a split second was a very short time in this world and his eyes quickly focused back on Gains.

'Where is my son?' All the anger and hatred that he was feeling was now gone. All he wanted was his son.

'Hey, didn't we use to date?'

She was playing with him and he knew it. His heart broke again as it always did when he realised that he wasn't going to get his son back. He didn't notice when Standish left the room.

'We dated once, now where is my son?'

'Why don't we cut the bullshit, Larabee? I don't know where your son is.' She smiled up at him. 'How's the wife?'

Larabee spun to face her. Her brown eyes were full of guilt. He wanted to hit her. Wanted to hit her more than he had ever wanted to hit anyone or anything in his life but to do that would be to lose control and losing control would allow her to win.

'She says hi.' It was the only thing that he could think of to say.

'So what now,' she said, 'are you going to arrest me because if you're not you can leave my house.'

'I'm not going anywhere.'

'You need a warrant to be in here.' She stood up tall, almost eye level with the man before her. 'If you don't have one you can leave.'

'You killed my wife and took my son!' The anger was back in his voice. 'You have him hidden in a room somewhere. He's slowly going insane and I want him back before he's mind is completely gone.' He saw a flicker of fear appear in her eyes. It glowed brightly for a few seconds then faded. 'WHERE IS HE?'

A scream caused them both to turn towards a room that was to the left of them. Larabee recognized it as Standish's voice. Larabee entered the room to find Standish lying on the floor unconscious while Jackson, Sanchez and Tanner stood over him. Wilmington and Dunne were pacing the room.

'What the hell is going on?'

'He linked with Gains,' said Wilmington.


'He linked with Gains.'

'Shit! Why didn't I think of that?' He moved to the small group huddled around Standish. 'What did he say?'

'He didn't say anything, Chris,' said Sanchez, 'he lost consciousness before he was finished.'

'I don't know what this is doing to him, Chris.' Nathan knelt down next to Standish. He wanted to check his vitals but he wasn't sure if Standish was still linked with Gains. He didn't know what his touch would do to him. 'This is the fourth time he's linked with someone in two days and each time has been worse than the last. He hasn't had any pills to help with the pain. I mean look at him, he's out cold and I don't know for how long or if I can even touch him.'

'Nathan . . . take care of him. He can do this again if needs be when he's up to it.'

Jackson didn't hesitate and he was grateful when Sanchez helped him to turn Standish onto his back. A trickle of blood had fallen from one nostril and pooled on his upper lip. Jackson pressed experienced fingers against the side of Standish's neck and waited for a pulse. It was strong and normal. He lifted an eyelid to reveal a normal pupil response. Before anyone could stop him, he slapped Standish across the face, not enough to hurt but hopefully enough to wake him up.

'Ezra.' He hit him again, this time a bit harder. 'Ezra.'

Jackson smiled when Standish's eyelids flickered then opened. 'You okay?'

'No.' Standish lifted his hand to his forehead.

'Need your medication?'

'No . . . we haven't got time.'

'You can't do this again, Ezra, not straight away.'

'It's not that,' he looked up at Larabee and smiled, 'we have to go get Adam.'

'You tell us and we'll get him,' said Tanner.

'No. I have to be there.' Standish raised his hand in the air. It was Larabee who took it and pulled him up onto shaky legs. 'I saw myself . . . don't ask me what I'm talking about because it hasn't happened before. This was the first time I have seen myself when I linked with someone. So for some reason that I don't understand I have to be there with you guys.'

'Then let's go.' Larabee took one of Standish's elbows.

'Not yet . . . I have to throw up first.'

'Um sure,' said Larabee, 'anywhere you want.'

They were about to walk straight past Gains when Larabee stopped and looked down at her. 'Nathan, you and JD take her in while we go and get my son.'

'Boss.' Was JD's answer.

Gains grimaced when she pulled at the cuffs holding her to the chair her mother had left her fifteen years earlier. 'You don't know where your son is.'

'Ezra . . . you can have the honors.'

‘452 Wentworth Street. It's an old warehouse that the homeless sometimes use for shelter but not often enough to realise that there's a young boy being kept there against his will.' Standish saw the surprise on Ella Gains's face and enjoyed the short-lived moment. 'They weren't there often enough to hear his screams but he's not going to be alone for much longer. He's going to be with his father within the half-hour.'

'You son-of-a-bitch! How could you know that! How could you . . . '

The reaction told everyone that Standish had nothing to with Sarah's death or Adam's kidnapping.

Standish tapped the side of his head and said, 'I know a lot of things about you and it sickens me but at least you won't be around to do it anymore. You'll be dead in a couple of days.'

'What?' Tanner asked.

'She's going to die in jail and there is nothing no one can do about it.' Standish wanted to spit in her face. A face that drew people towards her only for them to die a long and painful death but he had more dignity than that. 'Can we go now?'

'Are you sure about what you just said?' Tanner asked again.

Standish noticed that Larabee stayed quiet. The man could easily kill this woman with his own hands for what she had done to him and his family but he too kept his emotions in control. That side of him was never let out. It didn't matter what happened, Larabee would never harm a woman or child (or man if he was close to being innocent), yet a small part of him wanted Larabee to protect her; to stop her from killing herself but there was nothing that could change what he saw. If she were stopped, she would only do it another time, another place and another day. It would happen.

'Yes. Can we go now?'

Larabee moved closer to Gains. 'Nathan, let them know her life is in danger . . . '

'She's going to take her own life once she realizes that she's lost you Mr. Larabee so there is nothing that they can do. It'll happen sooner or later.'

Larabee nodded. 'Tell them she's suicidal.'

'Can we go now?' Standish was getting impatient.


Standish had drawn a rough map of the interior of the warehouse. The main floor housed four rooms, the fourth room that was on the South side of the building had a door that led to a basement. The basement was where Adam was being held. In that, room was a door that led to the sewers. They had to get to Adam's room before one of his captives did. There were three men. All three were armed and very dangerous. So dangerous that Standish had insisted that he wore a bulletproof vest. Sanchez's mind clicked before the others.

'Ezra, did you see yourself getting shot?'

Standish had looked away when he was asked that question. 'Yeah, but don't worry, I'm sure I'll be fine.'

Now they were about to enter the building. Larabee had warned them that this had to be like any other job they did. If they let their emotions take over someone was going to be killed.

'Now or never guys. We ready.' Larabee didn't need to ask. They were always ready. He nodded to Tanner who was reaching for the door. 'I know this is for Adam but I don't want anyone risking their lives for my son and if you do there'll be hell to pay.'

Tanner didn't even bother replying. He knew this small group of men were willing to give anything for each other. Even Standish who had only known them a couple of days was wearing a vest and carrying a nine-millimetre gun. Standish knew something they didn't. He hadn't insisted that anyone else wear a vest.

Tanner and Larabee looked at each other then at Standish. They made a silent agreement between each other. They would protect Standish no matter what. The man was special; he had a talent for finding people. He was able to save lives when no one else could.

It was time. Tanner opened the door and entered the building. Larabee and Standish would go straight for the room that led to the basement. Tanner, Sanchez and Wilmington would take care of the other three rooms. Larabee ran for all he was worth knowing that his men were covering his back.

Standish heard a gunshot and flinched even though he knew it wasn't the bullet that was going to hit him. He knew he was going to be shot, saw it when he linked to Ella Gains but what he didn't know was how he knew. Not even Ella Gains would have known that one of her men would shoot him. This was something completely new to him.

Standish noticed that Larabee hesitated for a moment but then moved on more cautiously. There wasn't time for this. He pushed Larabee to the side and took the lead. When they reached the room, he didn't stop. He raised his foot and kicked the door open. The lock was weak causing the door to open easily.

'Stay behind me.' Standish whispered the warning.

He knew Larabee would normally argue but this situation was different. Yes, Larabee had told his men to treat this as any other job but Standish knew that Larabee couldn't. Who could act calmly when their own son was in danger?

The room was empty.

'Where the hell is he!' yelled Larabee.

Standish didn't answer. Instead, he moved to the door that led down to the sewers. They had chosen this place because of this escape route. If they didn't catch up to them quickly then Adam would be lost again. He knew that no one stood on the other side. He opened the door and stepped onto a layer of stairs that would lead them further into the dark. With his right arm stretched out in front of him Standish pulled a flashlight from the inside of his coat, bent it at an angle then laid his gun arm over it to give him more support. A deep breath did nothing for the small tremors that shook his body.

What if it's a head shot.

He couldn't listen. His life wasn't important here.

With his back pressed against the wall, he began his climb down the stairs with Larabee following him. His flashlight led the way and he followed it. Water dripped from the wall and fell onto his hair causing it to cling to his scalp. The steps beneath his feet were becoming slippery so he needed to be careful. It seemed liked minutes but it was only a matter of seconds before they reached the bottom.

Two flashlights danced across the large area before landing on the face of a child.

Adam Larabee.

'Adam.' Larabee's voice could be barely heard but the sound of his flashlight hitting the ground could. At least he didn't drop his gun. 'Adam.'

'Mr. Larabee, we have a more pressing matter at hand.' Standish's flashlight revealed the face of the man that stood behind Adam. He was massive: over six foot and built like a brick wall. He also had a gun pressed to Adam's right temple. 'Chris . . . this is where you need to stay with me.'

'Put the gun down,' said Larabee, 'now.'

'You're his father aren't you?' The man questioned.


Standish knew the voice would be Larabee's undoing. 'I NEED SOME HELP DOWN HERE!' He changed his position so he was standing in front of Larabee. 'Get it together, Chris.'

'How would you like it if I killed your kid right here, right now,' said the kidnapper.

'Thank Christ for stupid criminals,' muttered Standish. If anything were going to get Larabee back into the game, a comment like that would do it.

Standish could feel Larabee tense up, knew he was going to step around him and take control of the situation once more.

'That depends on how much longer you want to live. Oh and how you want to die because believe me, it will be painful.'

'I could kill you first.'

'That won't happen.' Standish pushed Larabee aside just as the man aimed and fired his gun at Larabee.

Please don't let it be a head shot. How could I see that I was going to be shot and not know where?

It wasn't a head shot. He felt the bullet slam into his chest at the same time as a gun going off next to him. The bulletproof vest saved his life but what was going to save the hearing in his right ear. He didn't fall backwards as he expected to. He fell first to his knees then to his left where there was no one to stop him from hitting the ground. His head hit the floor hard enough to draw blood. He blinked his eyes against the pain and saw Larabee approaching his son. He felt like he was intruding so he closed his eyes.

The next thing he knew someone was lifting him up into a sitting position. He opened his eyes to see Sanchez in front of him.

'Are they okay?'

'They will be, Ezra, they will be.' Sanchez answered him.

'Welcome to the team, Ezra.' Tanner slapped him on the back

Standish lifted his arm and moved Sanchez to the side so he could see Larabee and his son. The two clung to each other as though their lives depended on it.

It was enough for Standish. He looked away and once again gave them their privacy. This case will have a successful conclusion. He could only hope that there would be a lot more now that he wasn't alone in his work.

The End

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Jun. 5th, 2009 10:03 pm (UTC)
Great fic, i love this AU, and this is always my fav story to read.

I hope that you will find your muse, cause i want more, please?

*Hugs & Kisses*

Have a great weekend and keep smiling,

Sivan Shemesh
Jun. 6th, 2009 01:30 am (UTC)

One day there will be a sequel to this story and it will involve evilness and clown faces *evol grin*
Jul. 5th, 2009 11:23 pm (UTC)
I certainly hope so, though i didn't think that i saw Loyalties here, did you post this awesome fic here?


Still nudge you to post more of Murder story... grin

Sivan Shemesh
Jul. 7th, 2009 04:50 am (UTC)
I haven't gotten to Loyaties yet. It's taking a bit of time moving 60 stories over to LJ.

It'll get here though, along with Space Cowboys and others :)
Nov. 29th, 2009 02:20 pm (UTC)
love the story and the plot is well done and planned. hoping to heqar more from you and perhaps a sequel? ;)
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